• About Carol J. Scott, MD

    Dr. Scott is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. She completed her training in Internal Medicine at Duke University and Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and earned a Master’s in Education at Johns Hopkins University. She is also a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness coach (NBC-HWC) and a Board-Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA).


    We are in the midst of a public health crisis rooted in well-documented structural racism in healthcare, made more apparent by the COVID-19 pandemic. Racial and ethnic minorities throughout the United States experience higher rates of illness and death the non-Hispanic white people across a wide range of health conditions.


    Health inequity is a systemic failure. Dr. Scott is passionate about advocacy's proven value and power in healthcare settings. For over a decade, she has provided concierge patient advocacy services for families through Morgan Stanley.


    Dr. Scott is not a newcomer to understanding health equity and health care disparities in medicine. She authored articles more than a decade ago, including “Racial and Ethnic Health Care Disparities; An Emergency Medicine Perspective” (published in Academic Emergency Medicine Journal). She was cited in the Wall Street Journal for innovative training programs to improve physician cultural competency. Her insights in health have been featured in The Washington Post, SELF, Fast Company, O magazine, and Huffington Post.


    Her service includes the Association of American Medical Association (AAMC) Minority Faculty Advisory Committee, reviewer for the first Cultural Competency Curriculum for the Society of General Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine Section Chair for the National Medical Association.



    Dedicated to empowering women with the self-advocacy skills that can help them and their loved ones thrive when facing the uncertainty of health needs. As a board-certified patient advocate, health educator, board-certified wellness coach, I want to help you!

    Carol J. Scott, MD, MSEd, FACEP (below)

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    Dedicated to empowering women with the tools they need to have the best health outcomes.

    She has provided consultation and presentations to clients in the public and private sector, including; Washington business group on health, Dallas Fort Worth business Groupon health, Morgan Stanley, UPS, Oracle, McDonald’s, is Texas Instruments, Discovery Channel, Barrons, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clarke, Civil Service Employees Union NY (CSEA), IBM, Merrill Lynch, Discovery Communications, Catalyst, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, The Atlanta Commission, U. S. Department of Forest Service, Pro metrics, The Learning Annex, Texas Instruments, and The National Association of Convenience Stores and Petroleum Owners. Professional Business Women of California and more.


    Originally from Chicago, Dr. Carol began her education at the University of Illinois and Rush Medical College. After medical school, she completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Duke University and an emergency medicine residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where is she served as an assistant professor. A master’s degree in education from Johns Hopkins University.


    She received the Educator of the Year Award from the National Association of Women Emergency Physicians. Carol is a founding fellow and member of the Institute of Coaching Professionals Association.


    Carol lives in Baltimore and practices Emergency Medicine in a Baltimore County community hospital. She is married to Alex Scott, MD, a physician, and philosopher. She is the proud mother of two sons.